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At last - TickleShield Beta is ready!

It's taken a while, but I have at last had some time to build up a single Beta prototype using the new, improved board layout. Intial testing shows that it is fully functional but the proximity is less sensitive than before. This is due to the hashed ground plane to stop false detections from behind the board. I hope that, with some component tuning, this will improve somewhat. Plan to start conducted emissions and EMC testing next week in Heilbronn with the Atmel applications... (see more)

TickleShield Library for Arduino available!

Take a look at the "Releases" menu option to the left for the first release of the TickleShield library for Arduino.

Unzip the content into your Arduino installation directory under the "libraries" folder. Restart the Arduino IDE and the "Tickle" library appears along with all the other libraries you have under "Sketch->Import Library..." (like EEPROM, Servo, Firmata and the others).

Hmmm, another redesign...

OK, so the TickleShield officially works. I even wrote a library for the Arduino IDE to support it. There are, however, two small issues:

  1. The proximity detection is pretty good. So good, in fact, that it can detect various objects behind the board. The board format is based upon the MEGA2560, but the test I ran were with the UNO. Consequently, various things kept causing the proximity sensor to go into detect. Outcome: I need some sort of shielding behind the proximity sensor... (see more)

TickleShield is working!

So, after soldering the headers on it was time to try the TickleShield out for real. It has been an age since I last made a complete circuit from schematic to layout to PCB, and despite my efforts to check and double check everything I was sure I would find a mistake somewhere. However, I didn't! 

Plugged it into an Uno and straight away we were in business. Can't get better than that!

Probably a little bit of fine tuning is required (I'd like a cm or two more range on... (see more)

TickleShields have arrived!

At last, thanks to the colleagues in San Jose (thanks Darius and Mary!), I have some boards.

Haven't had a chance to try them yet but it won't be long before I can :o)

Here are some pictures:

A Version of TickleShield - image 1A Version of TickleShield - Image 2(see more)